YouTube is unquestionably the most dominant video streaming platform. Through YouTube, users can create their own channel, and upload videos to the site in order to gain views. As a business, you can make the most of videos and add more content and information about your business on a more direct level. The videos can feature information from the business’ point of view, where potential consumers can get a sense of the brand and a more personal idea of the business and people behind your business. Much of the video content on YouTube has been uploaded by amateur users, however there is a wide array of professionally uploaded videos and content, including music videos, movie clips and trailers, and TV clips and trailers.

YouTube is owned by Google, and would be accessible without having to create a separate account through a business Google+ or Gmail account. Although, in order to watch videos on YouTube, the user wouldn’t have to have an account, as all of YouTube is public, unless otherwise set to private. YouTube also makes the content even more accessible to users outside of the website, as the channel makes it easy to embed your YouTube videos onto your own website or other sites. YouTube is also easily embedded onto other social media platforms, making it easy to share the videos with your followers and consumers.

Benefits for Your Business

There would be a place for your business’ YouTube channel on the website, and it makes for an interesting and accessible way to gain followers and potential consumers. YouTube provides a fresh way to promote your business and attract new customers, and Bright Yellow Creative can help you get the best out of what YouTube offers.

Bright Yellow Creative Group can offer:

- Creation of your business YouTube account, or attaching your account to a business Gmail or Google+ profile
- Population of followers and brand awareness
- Guidance on how to make the most of YouTube, and how to embed your videos to your website and social media
- Daily generation of interesting, relevant video content to share
- Creation of interesting, unique video content with information about your business
- Advertising through this video platform to promote your products and website
- Ongoing maintenance or co-management of your YouTube account


As the most dominant and widespread video-sharing channel, choosing Bright Yellow Creative Group to manage your business YouTube account is a wise investment.

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