Vine is one of the newest social media platforms, which has recently become important in the social media marketing world. Vine is a rapidly growing social media site where users share beautifully crafted looping videos, which amount to a maximum of 6 seconds. However, Vine doesn’t have to be as professionally filmed and scripted as YouTube videos often are, and act more as fun snippets into your business or workspace, to convey the more personal and creative aspects of your business and brand. Many large companies and businesses in all sorts of different fields have begun utilising this social media video-sharing platform to benefit their businesses. It offers a fun way to promote your business, and attract new consumers to your brand.

There are many options for creating a Vine video snippet to benefit your business and products, including: advertising the latest products in a dynamic way, offering insights into your workspace and office environment in a friendly manner, celebrating holidays or important events in your work schedule or history, promoting contests or free promotions, or simply offering amusing and entertaining content to attract new consumers and keep current consumers interesting in what your business has to say.

Benefits for Your Business

Vine can hugely benefit your brand and business, and can be easily embedded into your website or other social media accounts, in the same way that YouTube is available. Users don’t have to create an account to access Vine also, which makes it very accessible to a wider audience. Vine is a rapidly expanding video sharing, social media platform, and Bright Yellow Creative believes that it is the new, exciting and effective way for businesses to promote their brands. We strongly encourage businesses to make the most of creating a Vine account to boost their brand and attract new consumers, and we can help with starting an account and finding content to generate.

Bright Yellow Creative Group can offer:

- Creation of your business Vine account
- Population of followers and brand awareness
- Guidance on how to make the most of Vine, and how to embed your Vines to your website and social media
- Daily generation and creation of interesting, relevant Vine content to share on social media
- Advertising through this platform to promote your products and website
- Ongoing maintenance or co-management of your Vine account

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As the most rapidly expanding social media platform that can provide an exciting and creative way to promote your brand, choosing Bright Yellow Creative Group to manage your business YouTube account is a wise investment.

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