Twitter is a microblogging communication tool that allows you to send out ‘Tweets’ (short messages) in 140 characters or less. Your Tweets can include links to web content, and any image or video, and you are able to retweet or like other users’ content. Twitter works on a follower basis, where users can follow you and you can follow other users in order to build up a consumer following for your brand.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels and one of the most visited websites daily, meaning business can potentially reach a far wider consumer base through this platform. Twitter is largely public, and can be accessed by anyone using the Internet. It works as a powerful social media platform to advertise your brand and business, and share links to a wide audience. You would be able to share links to your website directly, and make the most of exposing your business to as many Internet users as possible. Twitter can beneficially boost your sales and consumer base and improve search engine optimisation for any size business or brand.

Benefits for Your Business

Twitter can be a complicated medium to navigate if you aren’t familiar with hashtags, trends or retweets, or if you simply want to express yourself as effectively as possible in 140 characters or less. At Bright Yellow Creative Group, we can give you guidance for running your own Twitter business account, or we can set one up and manage your page for you. We are well experienced with this social media platform, and can offer you beneficial content and advertisement for your website and business through Twitter.

Bright Yellow Creative Group can offer:

- Creation of your business Twitter Profile and Feed
- Population of followers and connections
- Daily generation of interesting, relevant linked content and images or videos
- Advertisement, linkbuilding and utilising hashtags to promote your products and website
- Guidance and co-management in using Twitter effectively
- Ongoing maintenance and management of your Twitter Profile and Feed


As a public social media platform with wide audience and consumer reach, choosing Bright Yellow Creative Group to manage your business Twitter Profile and Feed is a wise investment.

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