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The Brightest Creatives in the whole of Yellow!


Digital Brand Manager

Emma manages the creative team at Bright Yellow Creative Group, making sure that customers brands are being promoted and protected online.

“I love working on an eclectic mix of customers campaigns, coming up with ideas for new content and seeing the growth in their brand popularity and ultimately their profits!”

Emma’s experience on all Social Media and online platforms guarantees your brand’s exposure on the internet.

  • Content Creation 100%
  • Social Media Marketing 100%
  • Digital Marketing 100%
  • E-commerce 100%
  • SEO through Blogging 100%
  • Coffee Making 20%


Assistant Brand Manager

Yasmin assists with brands and improves brand awareness through social media and content creation. As an English Lit graduate, she enjoys creating blog articles and unique content.

She spends her days writing and boosting brands’ search rankings through original, relevant content, and spends her spare time as an avid reality TV junkie.

  • Content Creation 100%
  • SEO through Blogging 100%
  • Social Media Marketing 100%
  • Digital Marketing 100%
  • Improving Brand Awareness 100%
  • Reality TV Junkie 70%


Assistant Brand Manager

Carly is the admin and social media pro! She assists with managing brands, and improves their social media presence through generating interesting content, and increasing all round customer awareness.

She has a particular passion for all things property, and specialises in home, lifestyle and beauty brands, knowing exactly how to make them succeed! Also, her favourite days include at least one cookie run.

  • Social Media Marketing 100%
  • Improving Brand Awareness 100%
  • Digital Marketing 100%
  • SEO through Social Media 100%
  • Admin Ninja 100%
  • Cookie Addict 90%

Timely Support

We are available between 9-5 Monday to Friday for instant phone support, we promise to reply to your emails within 2 hours during this time.

Out of hours
We will answer your email and message enquiries with 24 hours during off peak periods, but for emergencies, please text and we’ll answer within 2 hours.

Innovative Ideas

We are always bursting with ideas for your promotional campaigns, please feel free to chat to us about it.

We can chat by phone, email or Skype.

Let us know a bit about your business, your growth plans and we’ll brainstorm together!

Advanced Technology

We use advanced techniques to keep you informed on your campaign progress. Daily, weekly or monthly reporting is available.

We also tailor the social media and web platforms we use for your campaigns, to suit both your needs and your skills.

We provide training and support with all things technological to help you in your business.

Clear Communication

A dedicated campaign manager, available to speak to whenever you wish.

We are available anytime between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and will respond within 4 hours over the weekend.

We promise to resolve your issue within 24 hours of speaking to you.

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