Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)

Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)


Pay Per Click is a strategy used in online advertising, and is a great method that can be used to generate fast and immediate traffic to your business website. However, it must be used wisely to afford spending a fortune and not gaining much in return. Search engines, such as Google, allow businesses and individuals to buy listings in their search results, which appear next to the natural, non-paid results.

Benefits for Your Business

The most beneficial part of PPC advertising is that it provides quick gains, and with some systems, including Google AdWords, traffic can be generated within minutes. It is important to find crucial keywords, relating to your brand, and aim for quality, well-written adverts. Pay Per Click Campaigns can be difficult to utilise efficiently and understand your way around, so allow us to help.

Bright Yellow Creative can offer:

A well maintained and highly monitored PPC Campaign, if it is desired. We can assure you are dealing with quality adverts, and getting your money’s worth. We have experience with successful Pay Per Click advertising, and can harness the benefits for your business: improving your website traffic, consumer base, and ultimately improve your product sales. Although, allow us to give you guidance and help you decide if your business really needs to use PPC straight away, as first we can offer you a Search Engine Optimisation strategy without Pay Per Click, which can sometimes be more costly than necessary.


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