Landing Pages

Landing Pages


Simply, a landing page refers to a web page which stands alone, and exists separately from your website. The landing page particularly includes a form, which must exist without distractions and solely for the purpose of getting users to input their information. They are often achieved via a Call to Action prompt, which would link through to the landing page to fill in required information on the form. Landing pages are completely optimised to focus the user’s attention on filling in information on the form, and mostly only contain an explanatory copy and the form itself. There would often be a link back through to the website after the form has been completed, and the landing page has been fully utilised.

Benefits for Your Business

Reasons for creating a landing page for your form, rather than include a form on a page of your main website, is that it would make sure the user is solely using the form. For example, if the form only existed on your home page, then there would be other distractions around it taking the user away from filling in the information. So, in order to capture the attention of your potential consumer, without taking interesting details away from your website, the best way to do it is through creating a landing page.

Bright Yellow Creative can offer:

Here at Bright Yellow, we are highly experienced in composing uncluttered landing pages that would optimise your website and sales. The whole reason to fill in a form through your website is to gain the user’s information, in order to add them to a mailing list, for example, or offer them something via email, phone, or post. Therefore, the best way to optimise a form designed for this purpose is to offer it via a Call to Action, which links through to a landing page consisting solely of the form. Bright Yellow Creative can help your business through create landing pages linked through from your website for this purpose, as a very effective digital marketing strategy.


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