Instagram is a Facebook owned image-based platform, which boasts an amazing array of filters to improve the quality and style of your images and videos. Instagram, similar to other social media channels, allows users to efficiently find images and video content through using keywords and hashtags. The site is easy to use to promote your business, using images and videos to update users about your business and what your brand stands for.

Instagram would particularly work as a way to sell your products effectively, through uploading images of the process behind your products, or simply uploading images of your products for sale, which you can improve through the easy-to-use filters. Instagram offers a potential for a post in every step of your business and brand, to effectively promote and keep your consumers up to date in all aspects of your business.

Benefits for Your Business

Instagram doesn’t solely have to be filled with your created content, and many businesses utilise this social media platform through sharing images to inspire and attract their consumer base. It is a potential to build a brand and share your ideas and interests as a brand, which would improve how connected your consumers feel to your business, and how loyal they are as customers. It is possible to build a strong, devoted following on Instagram, particularly as it is rapidly gaining in popularity as an important social media channel. If you feel that your business and brand could benefit from the potential of attractive image-based social media marketing, we at Bright Yellow Creative Group are highly experienced through this platform, and would be able to help.

Bright Yellow Creative Group can offer:

- Creation of your business Instagram account
- Population of followers and brand awareness
- Guidance on how to make the most of Instagram, who to follow, and how to upload relevant content
- Daily generation of interesting, relevant content of images and videos to share on your Instagram profile
- Creation of unique images and video content about your business
- Advertising, linkbuilding and utilising hashtags and images to promote your products and website
- Ongoing maintenance or co-management of your Instagram account


As the most exciting and rapidly expanding image-based social media channel, choosing Bright Yellow Creative Group to manage your business Instagram account is a wise investment.

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