Grumpy-Cat5Grumpy-Cat1We love Tardar Sauce!! He lives a pretty normal cat life considering he’s the most famous Cat in the world!

Who knew that one cat with dwarfism would later radically change Tabatha Bundesen’s life. The animal was born to to normal parents, but it had a strange grumpy look because of dwarfism. Tabatha’s brother found this really funny and one day he decided to photograph the cat and post the picture to the popular social site Reddit.

Grumpy-Cat4Grumpy-Cat3Then, just in 48 hours, the pic got more than 45 million views on the image sharing site Imgur. And this was only the start of a chain reaction. Tabatha Bundesen realized that she had won a jackpot. She quit her job just after a few days and dedicated entirely to her animal superstar. Since then, Grumpy Cat has brought nearly $100 million in revenue from media activities. But this is not all at all. The cat has just become a movie star, too. It plays the major role in the film ‘Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever’. The movie was just released.

Grumpy_Cat_2Today Grumpy Cat is one of the most popular animal in the world. It has it’s own manager, a website, it’s own movie and popularity that many humans just can dream of. But most of the time Tardar Sauce lives a pretty normal cat life.

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