Google+ is a social network owned and run by Google, which is growing in popularity and works as the ‘Apple’ equivalent of social media platforms. Google+ already enjoys a dedicated membership who swears by the simplicity and functionality of using Circles and publishing content using Google+ to share on other platforms. Google+ allows you to interact easily with other Google applications, including Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Google+ is particularly interesting in the way that it manages content, and allows your shared content on Google+ to be featured as separate pages on Google Search, separate to your profile and website. This is useful as it allows for an improved search engine optimisation for your brand and business, and would attract more traffic and interest in your business and website. Also, similar to other social media accounts, Google+ makes it easy to connect with your consumers and reach a wider audience of business awareness.

Benefits for Your Business

Google+ is useful in the way you can easily access other Google services through your Google+ account, and interact with potential customers through the various platforms. However, Google+ can be difficult to gain an understanding of right away, and make best use of the social media channel. If you are interested in using Google+ to promote your business, but stumped by the idea of Circles and potentially complicated Google platforms, Bright Yellow Creative Group can help.

Bright Yellow Creative Group can offer:

- Creation of your business Google+ account
- Connection of your Google+ account to your Gmail business profile
- Population of followers and brand awareness
- Guidance on how to make the most of Google+
- Daily generation of interesting, relevant content to share on any Google platform
- Creation of unique content, combining images with written content to promote search rankings on Google Search
- Advertising and linkbuilding to your products and website
- Ongoing maintenance or management of your Google+ account


As the most connected social media channel that can share your content over many platforms, choosing Bright Yellow Creative Group to manage your business Google+ account is a wise investment.

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