Facebook has over a billion active users, and is arguably the most important social media channel available. It is possible to reach any desired demographic through Facebook’s active users, and allows any business to directly connect with their consumers.

Facebook is a social media site, available for personal users to upload profiles in order to communicate and share information with their Facebook Friends. Businesses are then available to create ‘Like’ profiles, which any Facebook user can view without necessarily connecting to the page and have the option to ‘Like’. Your shared content would then appear in the News Feed of the users who have ‘Liked’ your profile, as well as your users being able to reply and communicate on your page directly.

Benefits for Your Business

Any size business can gain success through Facebook, as it is a powerful marketing tool. Facebook gives you the opportunity to create and build your following and awareness for the brand, whilst also providing a platform for customers to discuss your business and products, where you can connect personally and reply to your consumers.

However, there is a new algorithm designed to make Facebook harder for a business to be seen without spending money on advertising, which means it is increasingly tough to manage effectively and make sure you reach all of your consumers. Here at Bright Yellow Creative Group, we are highly experienced with this social media channel, and making sure businesses utilise Facebook beneficially.

Bright Yellow Creative Group can offer:

- Creation of your business Facebook profile
- Population of followers and connections
- Guidance on how to make the most of Facebook, who to follow, and how to upload relevant content
- Daily generation of interesting, relevant content to share on your page
- Creation of unique content to promote your business
- Advertising and linkbuilding to your products and website
- Ongoing maintenance or co-management of your Facebook


As the most widely used social media platform available, choosing Bright Yellow Creative Group to manage your Facebook business page is a wise investment.

If you are interested in any of our services and want us to help you make the most of your business’ online social media presence, please get in touch with us here! Have a look at the other services we offer here!