Email Marketing

Email Marketing


The first email was sent in 1971, sent by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson to himself. It was a simple test message (QWERTYUIOP), but it changed the face of communication forever. By the late 70s, people in the computer industry were already sending each other electronic messages. In 1978, the first electronically sent advertisement was delivered over a network of government and university computers. Email marketing was born, and has existed as one of the main and most effective marketing strategies since.

Here at Bright Yellow Creative Group, we can offer you the following Email Marketing services:

- Email Campaigns: We can design and populate HTML emails to send to your current customer base. This is usually sent in the form of a “newsletter” or “latest news” email. This encourages repeat custom and reminds your previous customers that you value them and still want their custom!

- Targeted Email Campaigns: We can make your email campaigns as seasonal and sales based as you wish. A couple of examples of sales promotion campaigns include:

1) Special Day Offers – A car garage running an email campaign for 6 weeks leading up to Fathers Day, saying: “Give dad a day off! Buy a full service for him for only £69 and also receive YOUR next service half price!”
2) New Product Promotions – A florists running a six-week promotion to cross sell a new product, such as: “Buy any bouquet from us in Spring and receive a free personalised mug from us!”
3) Festive-Themed Promotions and Offers – A pub running a Christmas themed promotion, for example: “Secret password for cheap beer! Tell any member of staff the secret password at the bottom of this email and get your next drink half price!”

- Any other relevant content necessary or desired, designed to promote your business and brand


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