Why wordpress is a must for Bloggers

Why wordpress is a must for Bloggers

WordPress is the leading blogging software. It has gained popularity because it was free, was well-designed and had a very active bunch of volunteers helping develop the package.

Rapidly it has become the most popular blogging package on the Internet. This has led to tens of thousands of developers producing thousands of plug-ins and themes, enhancing the package and the look of blogs in general.

Below are 10 reasons why you must use WordPress

1 – It is the most widely used blogging software around

WordPress is now the market leader in both blogging and content management, open source, free software packages.

Its popularity is growing and for the majority of bloggers it is the obvious choice to use.

2 – WordPress is free

Because of its popularity WordPress has a great deal of support in this has enabled it to develop fast. The package is now very sophisticated and has the appearance of a commercial product. The fact that it is free is a great bonus — and makes it a program that you can afford, no, it is a program that you cannot afford NOT to use.

3 – It’s incredibly well supported

Google ‘wp’ and then add any problem that you might be having with WordPress and I will be very surprised if you cannot find ten, twenty or more websites with the solution.

I admit that the WordPress support itself can be a bit intimidating for newcomers. But hey there are thousands of other places to get support — you are visiting one now.

4 — WordPress is designed to work we’ve search engines

The content on your blog makes easy reading for Google and other search engine spiders. Once on your site they will jump from post to post an index all of .

Even by itself WordPress works well with the search engines. However, this greatly boosted by plug-ins and some theme designers, like this one, which was designed by StudioPress.

5 – The amazing range of plug-ins

There are literally thousands of free plug-ins for WordPress. They range from simple plug-ins that allow, say the most popular posts to be displayed in the sidebar, to quite clever procedures to back-up the entire blog.

There are numerous enhancements to the basic WordPress package, which include automatically updating Twitter or Facebook with your latest post to a useful plug-in I found recently that allows you to merge all the posts in two categories — which saved me probably half a day’s work when I wanted to put all of the posts on a client’s blog into one large category called ‘Ald Blog’.

6 – The amazing range of themes

another great success of WordPress has been that it is relatively easy for a web designer to design a WordPress theme. There are hundreds of free themes available from the stylish, through the garish to themes for business, entertainment, to display photographs, be outrageous, girly or just nice and gentle or a personal blog.

7 – The amazing widgets

Widgets used to be a clever feature of WordPress that allowed even the most basic user to add things to the sidebar. The standard widgets include things like search box, displaying or recent posts and the archives of the blog.

Today widgets, usually linked plug-ins, can be quite sophisticated and so they may display a Twitter feed, advertisements linked to the content, a signup for a newsletter and interesting combinations of text and image.

8 – The great Plug-in Contact Form 7

This simple plug-in allows you to create a contact page within minutes, without having to display your e-mail address.

Once installed all you have to do is create a blank page, add a little text and add a simple code, given to you by the plug-in, enclosed in square brackets, like this [ code], and your contact page is ready for action.

9 – The wonderful Permalinks

Permalinks is the process which enables WordPress to make the page names of your blog more memorable. Instead of something like ‘post=134′ Permalinks converts the title into something like this: ‘ten-reasons-why-bloggers-must-use-wordpress’.

This process not only makes the page title more readable by human beings, but it helps search engines, such as Google, make more sense of the page, (one of the most important factors used by Google is the title of any webpage).

10 – It makes you look professional

An important consideration of the blogger is to appear professional to others. The fact that you have chosen to use the world’s leading blogging package demonstrates that you are taking a businesslike approach to your blogging.

Other bloggers may want to work with you; advertisers, the media, visitors, support workers and potential buyers of your blog could possibly be put off if you are not using the industry standard.

Unless you have a good reason to go for a different blogging software package, (such as you need the added business functions of Drupal and know to how to use it), then you should use WordPress.

I know that some of the rivals are very good, but none of them has anything like the range of support, the range of enhancements, (such as plug-ins) or the range of themes as has WordPress.

WordPress is also rapidly improving and each new version of the package has the number or enhancements, (so in a recent upgrade it is possible to link customised to sidebars to specific posts, specific categories and even specific tags.


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