Blog Creation & Management

Blog Creation & Management


It has become more popular than ever for businesses to create their own blogs and articles attached to their website, in order to boost their business and consumer awareness. However, often it seems difficult to find relevant and original content to create and blog about, and this is where Bright Yellow Creative can help your business.

Benefits for Your Business

Creating and running a blog as a part of your website is one of the main ways that you can encourage and improve your search rankings and results. Each page on your website becomes a separately searchable page, which can appear in its own searches and encourage viewers and consumers to click onto your website. Therefore, it is paramount to use keywords and relevant, original content in your blog articles, and generate interesting topic discussion.

However, not all content must be written, and if you are stuck for ideas for written articles, original content always helps in the form of varied multimedia. Original content consisting of images, videos, podcasts, or even plug ins, that are relevant to your brand would help create interest on your website. The multimedia also becomes searchable by itself, which will boost your search engine optimisation further. Basically: the more multimedia included on your blog, the more searchable it will become.

Blogging not only encourages greater SEO through generating original content, it also allows you to incorporate linkbuilding. Your business can find its own blogging community, and trade links between various websites, which will improve your business’ search rankings. However, of course, your blog must have interesting content to begin with in order to encourage backlinks and overall consumer appeal. Bright Yellow Creative can help you create interesting content for your blog articles, and encourage consumers to click onto your website through your blog. We are highly experienced with blog writing, creating unique images, and targeting relevant and compelling information to share, relating back to your business and brand.

Bright Yellow Creative can offer:

- Content creation, including written articles, images, and videos
- Blogger outreach into your community and forums
- Encouraging linkbuilding through the articles, and generating other blog backlinks
- SEO through your blog, using keywords and unique content to improve your search rankings
- Proofreading, editing and overall management of your blog and content
- Promoting and distributing your blog articles on your social media accounts, and encouraging views
- Anything else you feel is necessary to do with your blog and management to benefit your business


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